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Jacob Sandrart: Danubius Fluviorum Europae Princeps

Map: CEU2155
Cartographer: Jacob Sandrart
Title: Danubius Fluviorum Europae Princeps
Date: 1664
Published: Nuremberg
Width: 46 inches / 117 cm
Height: 19 inches / 49 cm
Map ref: CEU2155
This magnificent three sheet map tracing the river Danube from its source to its mouth was included in Sigismund von Birken's The Danube Beach, a rallying cry and history praising the resistance of the Holy Roman Empire against the invasions of the Ottoman Empire. It was hugely successful. Von Birken was a noted scholar, poet, hymn writer and tutor who was ennobled for his scholarship. He was also a prolific writer and often used Jakob Sandrart as the engraver and publisher of his works. The map is enormously detailed and shows the sites of Christian-Turkish battles. The upper right bears a cartouche lambasting the Ottomans and praising the European forces; the lower left bears a large vignette of Donau Eschingen, the source of the Danube. This is the 1664 first edition. [CEU2155]