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Philip Jackson: Plan of the British Settlement of Singapore and Plan of the Town of Singapore

Map: SEAS4817
Cartographer: Philip Jackson
Title: Plan of the British Settlement of Singapore and Plan of the Town of Singapore
Date: 1828
Published: London
Width: 7 inches / 18 cm
Height: 9 inches / 23 cm
Map ref: SEAS4817
These two maps on one sheet are of paramount importance to the mapping of Singapore and the newly established settlement of Singapore Town. The upper map is based on a survey by Captain James Franklin. He was a surveyor from Bengal and was the first to portray the island with any geographical accuracy. Franklin’s initial sketched version was finished in 1822 and this is one of the earliest if not the earliest printed version based on this manuscript. It is certainly this version that is most often quoted and illustrated in articles and books on the history of the cartography of Singapore. The lower map is one of the few maps that is named after its cartographer, the “Jackson Plan” after the Lieut. Philip Jackson, the surveyor who was put in charge of the development of the fledgling settlement that was to become Singapore Town. The founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, worked closely with Jackson, making sure that the planning of the town complied with his own vision. For this reason, this map is also sometimes known as the “Raffles Town Plan”. Jackson completed the initial survey and sketch in 1822 and the first printed version of it was published in 1828 which is this one. Although this was a planned version of Singapore Town in 1822 and there were subsequent changes in its development, it was hugely influential in the planning of the city and it is cited as being the first map of the settlement. [SEAS4817]