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F. Donald Blake: Britain - Spearhead of Attack

Map: EUR1442
Cartographer: F. Donald Blake
Title: Britain - Spearhead of Attack
Date: c. 1944
Published: London
Width: 22 inches / 56 cm
Height: 19 inches / 49 cm
Map ref: EUR1442
Striking pictorial propaganda map emphasising Britain's role as the spearhead of attacks against Germany and its occupied territories. Britain, coloured bright yellow, shines like a beacon compared to the sombre grey of occupied Europe.

The map primarily focuses on the role of RAF bombing raids against German military and industrial targets. Railways, airfields, bridges, and factories are among the targets listed. A few specific factories, such as the Philips Radio Works in Eindhoven and the Renault Works near Paris are individually named as they were considered particularly successful

This map was published during a period of intense debate about the morality and effectiveness of bombing German cities rather than pinpointing specific military targets. The major cities of western Germany (Cologne, Dortmund, and Essen) are engulfed in a sea of flame, a particularly horrifying image. However, by using factory icons to represent those cities, the author is able to redirect the audience's attention away from the civilian casualties and back to the stated goal of crippling war industries.

A rare and fascinating piece of WWII propaganda celebrating the turning of the tide in favour of the Allied powers.

Laid down on archival linen. Printed colour. [Curtis & Pedersen: 'WAR MAP' p.176] [EUR1442]