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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Vincenzo Coronelli
Title: : Frislanda, Scoperta Da Nicolo Zeno
Date: c. 1692      Size: 12 x 9 inches
Published: Venice
Description: Greenland and the mythical island of Frisland, supposedly discovered by a pair of Venetian explorers, Nicolo and Antonio Zeno around the year 1400. This is the most detailed depiction of this fictional island.
Map Ref: SCAN2485
Cartographer: Pieter van der Aa
Title: : [Greenland and Iceland]
Date: 1714      Size: 12 x 9 inches
Published: Leiden
Description: Greenland and Iceland. Shows voyages of Martin Frobisher. Decorative border and cartouche. Strong impression.
Map Ref: SCAN2258
Cartographer: Jacques-Nicolas Bellin
Title: : Carte de Groenland
Date: 1770      Size: 10 x 8 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Iceland and Greenland published for the Histoire des Voyages, the most extensive French geo-historial travel book, encyclopaedia and dictionary of the mid-18th century. Coloured.
Map Ref: SCAN2486
Cartographer: S.G.S.
Title: : Sketch Map of Greenland and Surrounding Seas
Date: 1890      Size: 9 x 13 inches
Published: Edinburgh
Description: Greenland and surrounding seas. Original printed colour.
Map Ref: SCAN2410