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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Capt. John B. Pope
Title: : Map of the Territory of Minnesota
Date: 1849      Size: 28 x 24 inches
Published: Washington
Description: Territory of Minnesota. Pope's landmark map showing his exploration of the region. (SL)
Map Ref: USA7770
Cartographer: Johnson & Ward
Title: : Johnson's Minnesota
Date: 1865      Size: 12 x 18 inches
Published: New York
Description: Decorative map of the state of Minnesota, with inset map showing the shores of Lake Superior. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA8787
Cartographer: Frank Arnold Gray
Title: : Minnesota
Date: c. 1878      Size: 16 x 23 inches
Published: Philadelphia
Description: State map. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA5310
Cartographer: Arbuckle Bros
Title: : Minnesota
Date: 1889      Size: 5 x 3 inches
Published: New York
Description: A pictorial miniature map with vignettes including flour processing. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA8231
Cartographer: G. Jay Rice
Title: : Map of Minneapolis Minnesota
Date: 1895      Size: 23 x 34 inches
Published: Minneapolis
Description: Extraordinary folding plan of the city of Minneapolis showing the grid street system and street car routes. (SL)
Map Ref: USA8314
Cartographer: Karl Baedeker
Title: : St. Paul
Date: 1909      Size: 6 x 4 inches
Published: Leipzig
Description: St Paul. City plan. Original Colour.
Map Ref: USA7201
Cartographer: Karl Baedeker
Title: : Minneapolis
Date: 1909      Size: 6 x 4 inches
Published: Leipzig
Description: Minneapolis. Steet plan. Inset map of larger scale. Original printed colour.
Map Ref: USA7110