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James Wyld: Mapa de la Republica Argentina

Map: SAM3338
Cartographer: James Wyld
Title: Mapa de la Republica Argentina
Date: c. 1863
Published: London
Width: 24 inches / 61 cm
Height: 32 inches / 82 cm
Map ref: SAM3338
Fine folding map of Argentina. The English title of the map refers to it as the Argentine Confederation, a name used for the region when its provinces were a confederation without a head of state between 1831-52.

The country had gone through a turbulent nascent period. The early development of the Argentine nation included the secession of Buenos Aires from the Confederation, several short territorial conflicts with its neighbours, a civil war and a blockade of Buenos Aires conducted by the navies of Great Britain and France. Several of these events let to an official change of name to the Argentine Republic or the Republica Argentina in 1860 after another series of internal conflicts.

Geographically the map shows the very beginnings of the famous Argentine railway system, at this time just branching out from Buenos Aires. The southern border of the country does not include Patagonia, still a vast, mostly unknown wilderness. Argentina’s northern border is shown as abutting Bolivia with Paraguay firmly to the east of the country with the shape of the latter very different from its modern equivalent.

An extremely interesting snapshot of South American history after independence from Spanish domination. Original hand colour. Folded. [SAM3338]