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Curt Stiller: Mapa Geografico de la Republica Argentina

Map: SAM3358
Cartographer: Curt Stiller
Title: Mapa Geografico de la Republica Argentina
Date: 1882
Published: Buenos Aires
Width: 17 inches / 44 cm
Height: 28 inches / 72 cm
Map ref: SAM3358
Rare, separately issued folding map of Argentina, used to promote immigration from France to the Republic.

The sources for this map are official Argentinian government documents under the authority of Francisco Latzina, who wrote several essays and books promoting Argentina as a destination for European immigrants. The main emphasis of the map is agricultural development and natural resources. Or particular note is the date of 1882, a year after the Boundary Treaty of 1881 between Chile and Argentina, which effectively allowed the latter to claim approximately ninety percent of the previously contested region of Patagonia. The map is attached to a cover with a wealth of statistical information about Argentina which continues onto the reverse of the map. There is also an inset which shows present enclaves of European immigrants in the farming region of Santa Fe. All of these aspects of the map are used to entice potential settlers.

Two provenance stamps are present on the map: one of the Argentinian Consulate in Dunkirk, the other of Albert Mine in Dunkirk, most likely a commercial establishment which sold or distributed this map and finally there is a manuscript note on the cover of the map stating that it belonged to the ranking officer of the French Navy stationed in Dunkirk. Printed colour. SL [SAM3358]