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Thomas Martyn: A New and Accurate Map of the County of Cornwall

Map: CORN563
Cartographer: Thomas Martyn
Title: A New and Accurate Map of the County of Cornwall
Date: c. 1870
Published: London
Width: 30 inches / 77 cm
Height: 21 inches / 54 cm
Map ref: CORN563
Reduced version of Martyn's monumental eight sheet map of Cornwall first issued in c.1748.

There was a further edition issued by William Faden in 1784, followed by another edition published by Faden's apprentice, James Wyld the Elder.

This edition was reduced and issued by James Wyld the Younger, following on from the map issued by his father in 1832. This version of the map is greatly altered from the previous editions; the decoration has been substantially reworked and the vignettes of standing stones on the right have been removed. Geographically, the map follows the issue of 1832 with one major change, which is the addition of the railway network. Wyld’s address on the lower centre dates this map certainly to after 1862 but before 1883. Unusually for Wyld in this period, the map shows a distinct plate mark, indicating that it was engraved rather than lithographed. Original hand colour. Folded. [CORN563]