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J. & R. Ottens: Carte Nouvelle de tout L'Empire de la Grande Russie

Map: RUS2590
Cartographer: J. & R. Ottens
Title: Carte Nouvelle de tout L'Empire de la Grande Russie
Date: c. 1728
Published: Amsterdam
Width: 26 inches / 67 cm
Height: 19 inches / 49 cm
Map ref: RUS2590
Splendid map of the Russian Empire depicting the accomplishments of Peter the Great, who died in 1725. Peter's energetic rule completely changed foreign perception of Russia as well as the geographical borders of the country. Through a series of conflicts such as the Great Northern War, diplomatic manoeuvres such as the Treaty of Nerchinsk with the Manchu dynasty and scientific accomplishments such as the establishment of the city of St Petersburg and its Academy of Sciences, Peter managed to extend the borders of Russia in both the East and West. Simultaneously, through a series of cultural and commercial initiatives, he managed to push Russia to the forefront of Europe.

Although this map shows the whole of the Russian Empire, its emphasis is on the Central and Eastern Asian theatre, now showing the Kamchatka Peninsula as Russian together with the newly negotiated border with the Manchu Chinese, running along the Amur River. The Korean Peninsula along with Mongolia seems to have been left as a buffer state between the two great powers. The map also shows Peter’s successes in claiming the southern shores of the Caspian Sea from Persia.

The lower left part of the map bears a magnificent illustrated cartouche showing a portrait of Peter himself with several figures waiting on him with tributes. Original hand colour. [RUS2590]