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Christopher & John Greenwood: Map of County Dorset

Map: DORSET393
Cartographer: Christopher & John Greenwood
Title: Map of County Dorset
Date: 1826
Published: London
Width: 61 inches / 155 cm
Height: 46 inches / 117 cm
Map ref: DORSET393
Separately issued folding wall map of Dorset based on a new survey by Christopher and John Greenwood.

This is a fine example of one of the extraordinary wall maps of English counties produced by the Greenwood brothers. Initially, they embarked on this project in 1817, with the aim of producing newly surveyed maps of all the counties on the same scale, style and colour. No doubt they believed that with Britain as the victor from the Napoleonic Wars, new wealth would become available to the gentry and the rising merchant class.

Unfortunately, they immediately encouraged several rivals to begin their own projects, which looked remarkably similar to their own surveys and by 1831, they had only completed 34 counties before they ultimately stopped due to lack of capital.

This map of Dorset is typical of their style. Extraordinary detail is merged with stunning original colour and the whole map is adorned with a large vignette of the picturesque town and harbour of Weymouth.

This example of the map is in one sheet and comes in its original box. Original hand colour. Folded.