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P. A. Munch: Veikart over Norge

Map: SCAN2504
Cartographer: P. A. Munch
Title: Veikart over Norge
Date: 1885
Published: Oslo
Width: 32 inches / 82 cm
Height: 47 inches / 120 cm
Map ref: SCAN2504
Separately issued folding map of Norway showing the railway lines and with three insets of coastal regions.

Munch was one of the great Norwegian mapmakers of the 19th century. He was a history professor at the University of Christiania (now Oslo) who became a skilled cartographer. He issued several maps of Norway throughout his life.

This particular map was first issued posthumously in 1867 and then over the next nineteen years, it was re-printed a further four times with many revisions and updates. This example is the fifth and last edition of 1885 and among the many changes present is the addition of three coastal insets and the introduction of multiple text lists on the side, such as a list of new railway stations on the lower right. Two medallions below the title show that the map won a prize at the Exposition Universelle Internationale or the Paris World’s Fair of 1878.

The map comes in two forms; either in two separate sheets dividing Norway into north and south or on one sheet. This example is the latter. Printed colour. Folded. {SCAN2504]