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Andreas Cellarius: Solis Circa Orbem Terrarum Spiralis Revolutio

Map: CELEST1312
Cartographer: Andreas Cellarius
Title: Solis Circa Orbem Terrarum Spiralis Revolutio
Date: 1661
Published: Amsterdam
Width: 21 inches / 54 cm
Height: 18 inches / 46 cm
Map ref: CELEST1312
Splendid example of Cellarius's celestial diagram illustrating the spiral path traced by the Sun's revolution around the Earth according to pre-Copernican cosmology. The red lines chart the course of the Sun's supposed annual revolution around the Earth from the Tropic of Cancer down to the Tropic of Capricorn. A beautifully illustrated band representing the Zodiac constellations encircles a map of the eastern hemisphere depicting typical 17th century geography. The outer borders of the diagram are further embellished with winged cherubs and fluffy pink clouds.

Andreas Cellarius's celestial charts are some of the most decorative ever published and are highly sought-after for their combination of Dutch Golden age beauty and their scientific content. These maps were published at a time when the classical cosmologies of the ancient Greeks were at last being challenged by the new, emerging theories of contemporary scholars, such as Tycho Brahe and Nicolaus Copernicus. To find out more about Andreas Cellarius's maps, read our extended blog post - "Finding our place in the Universe" - on The Map House blog.

Rich original hand colour. [CELEST1312]