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Charles Picquet: Plan Routiere de la Ville de Paris

Map: FR3352
Cartographer: Charles Picquet
Title: Plan Routiere de la Ville de Paris
Date: 1814
Published: Paris
Width: 54 inches / 138 cm
Height: 32 inches / 82 cm
Map ref: FR3352
Splendid example of Picquet's large separately issued folding plan of Paris. The first recorded issue of this map was in 1804, when Charles Picquet produced it to record multiple civic and engineering projects planned under the reign of Emperor Napoleon I. The plan was successful but as soon as it was issued, plans for a new edition were in place to supplement and update this edition with new information. Such was Picquet’s accuracy on this map that it was used for administrative purposes as well as a commercial venture.

As well as the street index on the left and right borders, a panel on the lower left details the political divisions of the city and just above, a coloured key shows public buildings, both existing and planned, celebratory monuments of Napoleon’s successes, again both existing and planned and planned roads and thoroughfares.

The map proved highly successful; early editions of the map were dedicated to Marshall Joachim Murat. This example was issued in 1812 with corrections to 1814, so still within the First Empire. The dedication is to Nicolas, Comte Frochot, Prefect of the Seine and a powerful figure in the civil government.

Charles Picquet died in 1827 but his son, Pierre-Jacques, then took over the business and there are records of this map being issued, again revised and corrected to at least the year 1839.

Original hand colour. Folded. [FR3352]