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Volksverbandes der B: Volksverbandes der Bücherfreunde Globus

Map: GLOBE404
Cartographer: Volksverbandes der B
Title: Volksverbandes der Bücherfreunde Globus
Date: c. 1930
Published: Berlin
Width: 13 inches / 34 cm
Height: 25 inches / 64 cm
Map ref: GLOBE404
Handsome 12" German terrestrial globe showing the Earth at a scale of 1 : 38,000,000. The geography presented on the globe dates it to being on the cusp of 1930. Peiping has been changed to Peking (1928). Istanbul is still known as Constantinople (Konstantin) and South Africa has yet to become independent (1931). Manchuria has yet to become ‘Manchukuo’ following Japanese invasion (1931).

This 1930s globe has been produced by the Volksverbandes der Bücherfreunde or V.d.B [Members of Bibliophiles Society]. The V. b. D. was a German book club founded in 1919 in Berlin by Robert Achenbach. The mission of the book club was to create an accessible and affordable book club for all following the First World War.

The globe is mounted on an ebonised wooden stand, with ruled brass half-meridian, and an inset compass in the base.

Printed colour globe gores. [GLOBE404]