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Selected Maps

Cartographer: USPRR Survey
Title: : Map No.3 - From the Santa Fe Crossing to the Coo Che To Pa Pass
Date: 1855      Size: 23 x 32 inches
Published: Washington, D.C.
Description: Detailed survey of Colorado, including Pike's Peak and the area surrounding modern-day Colorado Springs for a proposed Pacific Railroad route. (SL)
Map Ref: USA6447
Cartographer: Capt. John Navarre Macomb
Title: : Map of Explorations and Surveys in New Mexico and Utah
Date: 1864      Size: 34 x 28 inches
Published: New York
Description: Landmark map of American Southwest. Covering parts of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. The Four Corners. (SL)
Map Ref: USA6045
Cartographer: Ferdinand Hayden
Title: : General Geological Map of Colorado
Date: c. 1881      Size: 37 x 27 inches
Published: Washington, D.C.
Description: Incredibly detailed large-format geological map of Colorado following surveys by pioneering geologist Dr. Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden (1829-1887). Printed colour. (SL)
Map Ref: USA9414
Cartographer: US Geological Survey
Title: : Geology of the Telluride Quadrangle Colorado
Date: 1896      Size: 17 x 20 inches
Published: New York
Description: Geographical map of the Telluride Quadrangle in Colorado with colour-coded reference panel. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA7950
Cartographer: Gilbert McClurg
Title: : Where to Go and How to Get There Map of Colororado Springs and Colorado City
Date: 1901      Size: 15 x 15 inches
Published: Colorado Springs
Description: Colorado Springs and Colorado City. An early tourist map in bright printed colour showing places of interest and how to get there.
Map Ref: USA8135
Cartographer: Karl Baedeker
Title: : Denver
Date: 1909      Size: 6 x 4 inches
Published: Leipzig
Description: Denver city plan. Original printed colour.
Map Ref: USA7628
Cartographer: Karl Baedeker
Title: : [Colorado Springs - Pike's Peak]
Date: 1909      Size: 6 x 4 inches
Published: Leipzig
Description: Colorado Springs. Detailed topographical map centring on Pike's Peak, detailing settlements between Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA7649
Cartographer: Clason Map Co.
Title: : Prospector's Guide of Colorado
Date: c. 1920      Size: 25 x 19 inches
Published: Denver
Description: Vintage map of Colorado showing mineral deposits, as well as promoting unexplored areas "where conditions are particularly favorable for prospecting". Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA9043
Cartographer: Boulder Chamber of C
Title: : City Map - Boulder, Colorado
Date: c. 1930      Size: 10 x 15 inches
Published: Boulder
Description: Vintage plan of the city of Boulder, Colorado published by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.
Map Ref: USA9431
Cartographer: Daniel-Smith Co.
Title: : [Denver]
Date: c. 1950      Size: 17 x 15 inches
Published: Denver
Description: Reduced plan of Denver Colorado, produced by the Daniel-Smith Co. as part of their popular series, "Denver at a Glance". Original colour.
Map Ref: USA9480
Cartographer: Hotchkiss Map Co.
Title: : Map of the City of Colorado Springs and Surroundings
Date: c. 1950      Size: 23 x 17 inches
Published: Denver
Description: Vintage street map of Colorado Springs and surrounding suburbs. Inset maps of Security and Cragmor, two new suburbs under construction at the time of publication.
Map Ref: USA9049
Cartographer: Daniel-Smith Co.
Title: : Guide Map of Metropolitan Denver
Date: c. 1950      Size: 20 x 19 inches
Published: Denver
Description: Vintage city plan of Denver issued by the Denver Board of Realtors to attract new residents to the city. Amenities such as schools and Safeway supermarkets are marked on the map. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA9181