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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Willem & Jan Blaeu
Title: : Insula S.Laurentii vulgo Madagascar
Date: 1662      Size: 22 x 17 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Beautiful copper-engraved map of the island of Madagascar with the coast of Mozambique, Eastern Africa. Dutch text on verso. Original hand colour.
Map Ref: AFR6180
Cartographer: Robert Morden
Title: : Of Madagascar and the Islands adjacent, Madagascar or St. Laurance
Date: 1688      Size: 6 x 5 inches
Published: London
Description: Early miniature map of Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique. Accompanied by an English text description front and verso. Coloured.
Map Ref: AFR5908
Cartographer: Pierre Mortier
Title: : Carte Particuliere de l'Isle Dauphine ou Madagasca et St. Laurens
Date: 1708      Size: 32 x 22 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: This important and beautiful chart of modern Madagascar also called the Isle de Dauphine and San Lorenzo is one of the largest and finest atlas maps of the island. Magnificent original hand colour. (BC)
Map Ref: AFR6072
Cartographer: Pieter van der Aa
Title: : Ile de S. Laurens ou Madagascar
Date: c. 1717      Size: 15 x 11 inches
Published: Leiden
Description: Beautiful map of Madagascar based on French surveys and adapted to a Dutch style by van der Aa by the introduction of a very finely engraved cartouche.
Map Ref: AFR6171
Cartographer: Mount & Page
Title: : A New Draught of the Island of Madagascar et St. Lorenzo
Date: c. 1750      Size: 21 x 17 inches
Published: London
Description: Madagascar and African coast. Sea chart. Comoros.
Map Ref: AFR2130
Cartographer: Antonio Zatta
Title: : Parte della Costa Orientale dell Africa
Date: 1778      Size: 16 x 11 inches
Published: Venice
Description: Italian atlas map showing the Eastern coast of Africa (now Mozambique) and Madagascar. Insets include RĂ©union ("Borbon") and Mauritius ("Francia"). Original colour.
Map Ref: AFR5088
Cartographer: Laurie & Whittle
Title: : A Chart of the Inner Passage between the Coast of Africa and the Isle of Madagascar
Date: 1797      Size: 27 x 23 inches
Published: London
Description: Sea chart of Madagascar, South East Africa with an inset of the Comoro Islands from the rare East India Pilot. (SL)
Map Ref: AFR5221
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : The Central Provinces of Madagascar
Date: 1875      Size: 16 x 30 inches
Published: London
Description: Central Provinces of Madagascar. Paper by Joseph Mullens. Original colour. (SL)
Map Ref: AFR4763
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : South East Madagascar and the Ibara Country
Date: 1875      Size: 19 x 12 inches
Published: London
Description: South East Madagascar. Paper by Joseph Mullens. Original colour. (SL)
Map Ref: AFR4766
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : Part of Madagascar from the Latest Surveys
Date: 1877      Size: 15 x 18 inches
Published: London
Description: Part of Madagascar: Paper by Joseph Mullens. Original colour. (SL)
Map Ref: AFR4764
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : West Central Madagascar
Date: 1877      Size: 15 x 12 inches
Published: London
Description: Sketch map of the central portion of Madagascar's west coast with the rivers, mountain ranges, and tribal villages roughly mapped. Printed colour.
Map Ref: AFR4765
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : Physical Map of Madagascar
Date: 1878      Size: 5 x 9 inches
Published: London
Description: Detailed physical map by James Sibree, an English missionary and naturalist. Printed colour.
Map Ref: AFR5666
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : Imerina (Central Madagascar)
Date: 1892      Size: 12 x 9 inches
Published: London
Description: Detailed map of Central Madagascar, including Antananarivo and its environs. Relief is shown by fine shading. Printed colour.
Map Ref: AFR4712
Cartographer: R.G.S.
Title: : The Ong'ulahi River and Adjacent Country
Date: 1895      Size: 23 x 8 inches
Published: London
Description: The course of the Onilahy River in southwest Madagascar with the routes of the missionary and explorer Joseph Thomas Last marked in red. Printed colour.
Map Ref: AFR4727