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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Michel-René Hilliard d'Auberteuil
Title: : Plan de la Bataille de Montmouth ou le Gl. Washington Commandait l'Armee Americaine
Date: 1782      Size: 15 x 9 inches
Published: Brussels
Description: Scarce and important Revolutionary War battle plan of the Battle of Monmouth (28 June, 1778). An index below the map lists the phases of the battle and the positions of the British and Continental Armies.
Map Ref: USA9184
Cartographer: William Gordon
Title: : The Jerseys
Date: 1788      Size: 9 x 12 inches
Published: London
Description: New Jersey during the Revolutionary War period.
Map Ref: USA8962
Cartographer: Daniel Friedrich Sotzmann
Title: : New Jersey
Date: 1797      Size: 19 x 25 inches
Published: Hamburg
Description: Early state map of New Jersey issued in the atlas volume of Ebeling's seven volume work about the newly emerging nation of the United States. Original hand colour. SL
Map Ref: USA4787
Cartographer: Matthew Carey
Title: : The State of New Jersey Compiled from the most Authentic Information
Date: 1818      Size: 13 x 19 inches
Published: Philadelphia
Description: Rare early State map with original outline colour.
Map Ref: USA8018
Cartographer: Carey & Lea
Title: : Geographical, Statistical and Historical map of New Jersey
Date: 1822      Size: 21 x 17 inches
Published: Philadelphia
Description: Large, detailed map in original colour, surrounded by text describing the History and Geography.
Map Ref: USA8142
Cartographer: Joseph Meyer
Title: : Neueste Karte von New Jersey
Date: 1846      Size: 12 x 16 inches
Published: Hildburghausen
Description: Detailed German language map of the state of New Jersey, accompanied by text panels. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA9409
Cartographer: Samuel Augustus Mitchell
Title: : New Jersey
Date: 1849      Size: 13 x 16 inches
Published: Philadelphia
Description: The state of New Jersey divided into its counties. Canals (blue lines) and railroads (red lines) are marked. The routes from Trenton to other important towns are described. Bright original hand-colour.
Map Ref: USA9121
Cartographer: George Woolworth Colton
Title: : New Jersey
Date: 1855      Size: 12 x 15 inches
Published: New York
Description: New Jersey state map. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA6964
Cartographer: Arbuckle Bros
Title: : [New Jersey]
Date: 1889      Size: 5 x 4 inches
Published: New York
Description: Charming New Jersey state map with inset illustration of pottery making and silk manufacturing.Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA8641
Cartographer: George Cram
Title: : New Jersey
Date: 1897      Size: 16 x 23 inches
Published: Chicago
Description: Highly detailed railway map of the state with an inset of the environs of Hudson County. Printed colour. (SL)
Map Ref: USA8370
Cartographer: Dore Ogrizek
Title: : New Jersey
Date: 1946      Size: 4 x 5 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Whimsical miniature map of New Jersey drawn by Jacques Liozu illustrating the attractions of the state for French tourism. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA9448