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Selected Maps

Cartographer: Pierre Mortier
Title: : Carte Particuliere de la Caroline
Date: 1700      Size: 24 x 19 inches
Published: Amsterdam
Description: Very fine and unusual example of Mortier's important map of the area around Charleston with multiple plantation names and the early route network. Magnificent original body colour.
Map Ref: USA9189
Cartographer: Herman Moll
Title: : A Map of the Province of Carolina divided into its Parishes &c.
Date: 1730      Size: 15 x 14 inches
Published: London
Description: Herman Moll's rare map of North and South Carolina based on the "latest accounts" from the English colonies. An inset focuses on Charleston and its surroundings.
Map Ref: USA9305
Cartographer: Herman Moll
Title: : A Plan of Port Royal Harbour in Carolina
Date: c. 1755      Size: 11 x 8 inches
Published: London
Description: This well-known map is one of the earliest detailed plans of an American port. It shows the area of Beaufort Town, Hilton Head, Phillips Point and Elizabeth Point, all marked on the map.
Map Ref: USA9187
Cartographer: John Bew
Title: : A New and Accurate Map of the Chief Parts of South Carolina and Georgia
Date: 1780      Size: 15 x 11 inches
Published: London
Description: South Carolina and part of Georgia. Compass rose. Coloured.
Map Ref: USA7694
Cartographer: David Ramsay
Title: : Esquisse des Operations du Siege de Charleston
Date: 1789      Size: 11 x 14 inches
Published: London
Description: Siege of Charleston. An elegant black and white map with a text panel relating to positions and fortifications.
Map Ref: USA8084
Cartographer: David Ramsay
Title: : Plan du Havre de Charleston
Date: 1789      Size: 12 x 7 inches
Published: London
Description: Siege of Charleston. Elegant plan of Charleston Harbour showing the positions of the British Fleet. Black and white.
Map Ref: USA8086
Cartographer: Charles Stedman
Title: : Plan of the Siege of Charlestown in South Carolina
Date: 1794      Size: 12 x 10 inches
Published: London
Description: Plan of the siege of Charleston, an unmitigated disaster for the American forces during the Revolutionary War. This map was based on one published by Sayer and Bennett only two weeks after the resolution of the siege.
Map Ref: USA8799
Cartographer: John Reid
Title: : The State of South Carolina from the Best Authorities
Date: 1796      Size: 18 x 16 inches
Published: New York
Description: Early map of South Carolina. Published in Reid's 1796 ÔÇťAmerican Atlas", the second folio-sized domestically produced atlas in the United States.
Map Ref: USA9214
Cartographer: Joseph Meyer
Title: : Neueste Karte von Sud Carolina
Date: 1845      Size: 15 x 12 inches
Published: Hildburghausen
Description: South Carolina. State map with inset of Charleston on the lower left. The detail also shows railways, canals and major roads of the period. Original colour.
Map Ref: USA9012
Cartographer: E.& G.W. Blunt
Title: : Charleston Harbour
Date: 1847      Size: 9 x 8 inches
Published: New York
Description: Charleston Harbour. Detailed chart with outline hand colouring.
Map Ref: USA6919
Cartographer: Samuel Augustus Mitchell
Title: : A New Map of South Carolina
Date: 1849      Size: 16 x 13 inches
Published: Philadelphia
Description: The state of South Carolina divided into its counties. Large inset map of Charleston. Roads, canals, and railroads are marked, and two steam boat routes are listed in the lower-right. Bright original hand-colour.
Map Ref: USA9124
Cartographer: Alexander Dallas Bache
Title: : Port Royal Entrance
Date: 1859      Size: 22 x 25 inches
Published: Washington, D.C.
Description: South Carolina. Port Royal. United States Coastal Survey Chart. Coloured. (SL)
Map Ref: USA5610
Cartographer: Bowen & Co.
Title: : General Map of Charleston Harbor
Date: 1865      Size: 25 x 22 inches
Published: Philadelphia
Description: Civil War era plan of the port of Charleston, South Carolina and its defences. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA8947
Cartographer: A. Simon
Title: : Charleston (1887)
Date: 1887      Size: 28 x 12 inches
Published: Paris
Description: Detailed chart of Charleston Bay with soundings. Printed colour. (SL)
Map Ref: USA7943
Cartographer: Arbuckle Bros
Title: : [South Carolina]
Date: 1889      Size: 5 x 3 inches
Published: New York
Description: State map of South Carolina with an illustration of a rice field. Printed colour.
Map Ref: USA8955
Cartographer: George Cram
Title: : North & South Carolina
Date: 1897      Size: 25 x 17 inches
Published: Chicago
Description: Carolinas. Large, detailed railway map with reference panels on outer edges and colour key by title. Printed colour. (SL)
Map Ref: USA8367