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Pan Am Airways: Routes of the Flying Clipper ships

Map: tempMid
Cartographer: Pan Am Airways
Title: Routes of the Flying Clipper ships
Date: c. 1941
Published: Washington, D.C.
Width: 22 inches / 56 cm
Height: 29 inches / 74 cm
Map ref: WLD4555
Promotional poster for Pan American World Airways showing Pan Am's world routes. By Leon Helguera.

This marketing poster for Pan American World Airways takes the form of a pictorial map of the world with the Americas in its centre. The earth is oval, harking back to several 17th century Gold Age maps surrounded by illustrated borders. The main focus is the comparison of Pan Am sea plane flights to the romantic age of clipper ships, as illustrated by the images of the seaplane and the ship on the lower border as well as the title of the map. Emphasizing this theme, the trans-oceanic "flying clipper ship" routes available from the company are marked in red.

Bearing in mind the limitations posed by the declaration of World War II, it is most likely that this map was first designed or issued in the late 1930s with this edition bearing the unusual note “as of December 7th 1941, subsequent wartime changes censored.”

The artist responsible for creating this poster was the Mexican born but New York based Leon Helguera, who was later regularly used by the government for wartime propaganda posters; after the war, he was also responsible for designing several stamps.

Printed colour. [WLD4555]